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Black Powder Free, Fentanyl resistant Exam 4mil Nitrile gloves 10 Boxes 100 count

Black Powder Free, Fentanyl resistant Exam 4mil Nitrile gloves 10 Boxes 100 count

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Introducing the M&D Black Nitrile Gloves – Your Premier Choice for Safety, Comfort, and Fentanyl Resistance!

**Key Features:**

1. **4mil Thickness – Precision Protection:**
  - M&D Black Nitrile Gloves offer a 4mil thickness for precise protection against contaminants, ensuring a reliable barrier for your hands.

2. **Powder-Free for Enhanced Comfort:**
  - Say farewell to messy powder! Our gloves are powder-free, eliminating irritation and providing a smooth, comfortable feel during extended wear.

3. **Fentanyl Resistance – Unmatched Safety:**
  - Crafted with safety in mind, these gloves are resistant to Fentanyl, offering an additional layer of protection for healthcare professionals and first responders.

4. **Textured Surface – Optimal Grip:**
  - The textured surface ensures a secure grip, even in wet or slippery conditions. Maintain control and dexterity during crucial tasks.

5. **Medical-Grade Quality – Reliable Performance:**
  - M&D Black Nitrile Gloves meet the highest standards for medical-grade quality. Trust in the reliability and performance of our gloves for examinations and procedures.

6. **Comfortable Fit – All-Day Wear:**
  - Experience a comfortable fit that allows for extended wear without compromising flexibility. [Your Brand Name] gloves conform to your hands, providing optimal comfort.

7. **Versatile Applications – Beyond Medical Settings:**
  - Ideal for healthcare professionals, first responders, and various industries where Fentanyl resistance and reliable hand protection are essential.

8. **Safe for Sensitive Skin – Latex-Free:**
  - M&D gloves are latex-free, making them safe for individuals with latex sensitivities or allergies. Protect your hands without compromising on skin health.

**Why Choose?

- **Fentanyl Resistance:** Extra protection against Fentanyl exposure, crucial for healthcare and emergency responders.
- **Quality Assurance:** Just Glovz is committed to providing gloves that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.
- **Versatility:** Our gloves are suitable for a range of applications beyond medical settings.

Elevate your safety standards with M&D Black Nitrile Gloves – where protection, comfort, and Fentanyl resistance come together seamlessly. Order your supply today and experience the M&D difference! Your safety is our priority.

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